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Die-Slide is a treatment to the cutting edge and blade, in order to encourage smooth movement as it passes through the material. Although it enhances die edge penetration through many "non-sticky" substrates, Die-Slide's best performance is when used with materials that will eventually gum-up your cutting tools.

Ships: 3-4 weeks
Ships: 3-4 weeks

Die-Slide Renovate

Die-Slide Renovate may be used when the tool begins to show signs of residue accumulation. It requires only a swipe at the end of the day, so that a tool may be ready for use following an overnight linking period.

Ships: 3-4 weeks
Ships: 3-4 weeks
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SDS PDS-66 Die-Slide
SDS PDR-88 Die-Slide Renovate
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We recommend gloves and eye protection worn at all times while handling Die-Slide. Skin irritation and eye irritation may occur if contact is made.

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